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Residency-masterclass Spacemakers #5

In September Gallery Pouloeuff starts off another residency-masterclass. The Keep an Eye Spacemakers #5 provides a great opportunity for young artists. This edition is guided by artist Evi Vingerling. Are you an academy graduate of a Dutch art school, are you living and working in The netherlands and would you like to further develop your work with the help of intensive guidance for 4 weeks? Then this residency-masterclass might be the right fit for you!

About the residency-masterclass Spacemakers #5:

A residency-masterclass with the aim of creating an exhibition together that transcends the individual.

At the beginning of artisthood, there is still room to work towards the future and to give form to your artistic practice. Simultaneously, the pressure of getting your diploma is gone, and a sense of purposelessness raises its head. This is the time to start determining who you want to be and what you want to do with your life and work.

In this edition of Spacemakers, counselling artist Evi Vingerling wants to give you the opportunity to create – together with other artists – something meaningful for your artistic development. You are given the space to work ambitiously, to experience the freedom of being an artist, and to feel out the right way to practice your profession. As a group, you can generate energy together and you can take more risks. It is an exceptional opportunity to intensively work together and on location, and we are looking for artists who can and want to be present at the work-and-living-space in the gallery as much as possible.

The residency period is from 29 August to 30 September. During this period, the exhibition space of Gallery Pouloeuff will function as a joint working and living space. At the end of the working period, you and the other artists will set up an exhibition here with the work you made during the masterclass. The opening will take place on Sunday the 2nd of October. During this opening, you will have the opportunity to tell the visitors more about the work you made and what you learned during this period. 

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About Evi Vingerling:

With her paintings, Evi Vingerling (1979) creates abstracted representations of the world she perceives around her. Daily life offers an endless stream of sounds, ideas, and visual impressions. She strips these everyday observations of everything that can be named. What remains – the sensation – is put on the canvas. Her loose brushstrokes often remind us of elements from the world of flora, with exaggerated colours and hard contrasts.
Her work can be found in the collections of the Boijmans van Beuningen, Bonnefantenmuseum, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, among others. And in the corporate collections of Akzo Nobel, ING Bank, Rabobank Ahold, among others. Her work is presented in the Netherlands and abroad.


We expect you:

  • to be present as much as possible from 29 August to 30 September. You can spend the night in the gallery.
  • to be prepared to work intensively in the gallery space during this period.
  • to work together with the other artists
  • to be present the whole day at the introductory day on Thursday August 25th to get acquainted with each other, Evi Vingerling, and Ine van der Horn (curator of the gallery).
  • to be present at the opening on Sunday October 2nd to talk about the underlying ideas of your work and your experience during the work period.
  • to have graduated from a dutch art academy at least one year ago.
  • are younger than 36 year and you are living in The Netherlands

There is no registration fee for participation in the residency-masterclass Spacemakers #5. However, material and travel costs are to be paid by the artist. There is a limited budget for the installation of the exhibition.


Do you want to apply?

You can apply before 31May by sending an email to mail.ons@galeriepouloeuff.nl with the following information included:
CV, including the year of your birth and the graduation years of your studies.
A pdf (max 5mb) containing 15 images of your work. You may also want to add links to other places where your work can be seen.
Define in 200 words what your work is about. Also indicate the discipline in which you work.
How much do you work per day in your workspace?
Your personal motivation as to why participation in this residency-masterclass is important to you. Also indicate whether you are in a situation where you can fully develop yourself. And what do you feel is lacking in your current work situation? Give a detailed answer.
Can you stay full-time in the gallery in Naarden-Vesting for a month? Yes/No.
If no, please indicate the maximum number of days per week you can stay in the gallery.



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