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OPEN CALL: Residency masterclass Spacemakers 7

Are you a young artist, have you graduated over a year ago from your art school or master's program, and do you feel the need for another period of delving into your work? Then this is your chance to invest in the artistic development of your professional practice! The seventh edition of Spacemakers, a small-scale masterclass, offers an intensive working period to visual artists who will make use of the audiovisual archive collection of Sound & Vision. The mentoring artists Tudor Bratu and Julia Waraksa will help you further explore questions within your artistic practice. Galerie Pouloeuff is looking for participants from all disciplines for this residency-masterclass Spacemakers. Interested? Read on and register before March 12th.

Collaboration Sound & Vision

This edition of Spacemakers is in collaboration with Sound & Vision ('Beeld en Geluid'). This offers a unique opportunity to creatively reuse one of the largest audiovisual archive collections in the world. In the Sound & Vision collection you will find a wealth of inspiration: radio and television programs, video (games), documentary and nature films, audio and music recordings, websites, and more. But other forms of media can also be found here, such as written press, political prints, and media-related objects. Besides digitized materials, there are also a number of depots with physical materials dealing with broadcasting history. Think old cameras, audio equipment, cables, as well as costumes, set pieces, and the first radios from Dutch soil. Spacemakers invites you to discover and make use of these different media.

Call for all disciplines

Even though an archive is often seen as a collective memory, there is a growing realization that collections often consist of only certain perspectives and stories. Sound & Vision is happy to open its doors to artists whose artistic practice responds to the collection, its context and its flaws. All forms of creative reuse are encouraged; when creating new work, archive material can serve as inspiration, as research material, or as part of the end result. All disciplines are welcome.

Access to archive

As a participant of Spacemakers, you will receive access to the Sound & Vision collection prior to and during the residency, be educated on copyright and licensing rights, and be offered personal archive research support.


Objects collection room at 'Beeld & Geluid'
Objects collection room at 'Beeld & Geluid'

The residency period

The residency period runs from 2 to 27 September. During this period, the exhibition space of Galerie Pouloeuff will function as a joint working and living space. Together with the other artists, you will set up the exhibition here with the work you created during the masterclass. The exhibition will take place from 29 September to 27 October. The opening of this exhibition will be on 29 September. During this opening, you will have the opportunity to tell visitors more about the work you made and what you learned during the working period.

About this edition 

As an artist, you can sometimes long for an escape from your familiar way of working. It can be refreshing to be confronted with a new perspective for a while.  In this edition of Keep an Eye Spacemakers, you will explore the archives of Sound & Vision together with the accompanying artists, Tudor Bratu and Julia Waraksa, and work towards a visual presentation and exhibition while questioning the process-based deployment of archives within visual art practices from the stance of contemporary urgency. In this process, you will investigate how Dutch archives situate themselves in the present, as well as how the present influences the past.

The archon

As the French philosopher Jacques Derrida wrote in his famous publication Archive Fever (1995), archives are eminently places where narrative structures and power relations are often created synthetically. The archon, from which the word archive derives, literally means, in ancient Greek, the ‘one in power’ and this is no coincidence. For those who control archives also control narratives and nuance objective histories to their own discretion. Often, as history since the 2nd W.W. onwards has shown, with disastrous consequences. Working with archival material is also therefore working with a certain ethics which stands as urgency at the basis of actively shaping a collective and shareable memory – a narrative that shapes the past also shapes present and future.


About Tudor Bratu and Julia Waraksa

This edition of Spacemakers will feature Tudor Bratu (RO/NL, 1977) and Julia Waraksa (PL/NL, 1998) to guide participating artists in their artistic development during the residency period.

Bratu and Waraksa meet at the intersection of language, archival practices, photography, and installation as unwilling witnesses to the small discourses that history brings down on itself as mnemonic devices. Literature, philosophy, image analysis, printed matter, analogue or digital projections, and essayistic forms become tools for revealing, underlining, and decoding the discourses of the past, which often merge effortlessly with contemporary urgencies such as histories of migration, racism, violence and war, and systemic otherness.
In addition to their collaborative projects, they each have their own practices in the fields of design, photography, and fine art. Their joint studies include art history, philosophy, photography, and graphic design, while their work includes installations, video, photography, printmaking, and art in public spaces.

Tudor Bratu graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, the Rijksakademie and the University in Amsterdam.
His work is included in several international collections, including the Bibliotheque Kandinsky of the Centre Pompidou, the Amsterdam Photography Museum FOAM, the collection of the Rijksakademie voor Beeldende Kunsten and the Allard Jakobs Collection.
Since 2010 Bratu is director of the artists in residency platform Bucharest Air, located in Bucharest, Romania. For further info: www.tudorbratu.com and www.bucharestair.com.

Julia Waraksa graduated from the KABK The Hague.


Qualifiers and signup

We expect you to:

  • be present at least 4 days a week from 2 to 27 September. On these days, you will start at 09.30 and have lunch and dinner together with the other artists. (In consultation, you can stay overnight in the gallery).
  • be prepared to work intensively in the gallery space during this period and to collaborate with the other artists.
  • be present all day at the introduction day on Tuesday 27 August to get to know each other, Tudor Bratu and Julia Waraksa, and Ine van der Horn (curator of the gallery).
  • be present at the opening on Sunday 29 September to talk about the ideas behind your work and your experience during the working period.
  • have graduated from an art academy or master's program at least 1 year ago.
  • not be older than 35 years.
  • live and work as an artist in the Netherlands.

    There is no registration fee for participation in the residency masterclass Spacemakers #7. However, material and travel costs are at the artist's expense. There is a limited budget for setting up the exhibition.

Sign up?

Apply by sending an email to mail.ons@galeriepouloeuff.nl by 12 March 2024 with the following information:

  • CV with full contact details including year of birth and graduation years of your courses. And website and social media links.
  • A pdf (max 5mb) containing 15 images of your work. Possibly supplemented with links to other places where your work can be seen.
  • A short description of what your work is about. Also indicate which discipline you work in.
  • A short personal motivation as to why participation in this residency masterclass is important to you, including your development questions and what you would like to work towards.
  • Your availability. Can you stay in the gallery in Naarden-Vesting at least 4 days a week? And which days would those be?

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